One of my dyeing projects was to dye these muslin bags to use for my jewelry packaging.  Here's an image of one (dyed with logwood gray) and a new necklace that I haven't posted on Etsy yet.  The dye bath ended up being darker than I had intended, but I still liked the results!
Last week I started a couple of projects dying fabric with natural pigments.  It takes a few baths to do this (scour, mordant, dye).  Here's the first batch I started in my kitchen!  Mordanting (left) makes the dye adhere to the fibers.  After I finished that step, I used a logwood gray pigment (below) to dye the fabric.

Useful tip:  Doing your laundry, a dye bath, and oxidizing a silver chain with hard boiled eggs - ALL at the same time - can be a little much, and will fog up all the windows in your kitchen.  Consider planning these tasks for separate times, unlike yours truly.