new on The Studio List

Another new addition to my studio list: Rebels and Scientists.  This music has accompanied me a lot as I've worked in the studio.  My friend, Steven James Aguilar is the lead vocalist.  He also plays guitar and writes the lyrics.  Check out this myspace page to sample the music and download it or order a cd.

art show photos are up!

As it turns out, I have spent the majority of my three glorious days off with a belly ache.  This has meant a lot of time on the couch.  This gave me the time to work on putting together a slide show of the shots I have from the art show.  Now the slide show is up on YouTube and here on my blog.  Take a look!  There are photos of set up, opening night and most of the art work.

new on The Studio List

I've just made a new addition to The Studio List!  My friend, Elly Castle, who shared the studio with me last summer, just put up her new website.  She has spent the last year in New York City working on her photography.  Check it out - she has some great work!


I just wrapped up an evening in the studio with Emily and Karmen, and now I am tucked IN BED.   It's good to be here, never mind the dirty dishes in the sink.   What makes it even better is that I have the next three days off.  What to do!!??  How to spend ALL THAT TIME?  It's giving me that giddy pay day feeling... when the measure of my imagination goes beyond what I really have.  For now, my feet are telling me that they'd rather not hit the floor any time soon.
On Friday, I went to the International Gem and Jewelry Show in search of new and interesting stones to use in my jewelry.  Raise your hand if you think trade shows and convention centers are slightly disturbing.  The experience is kinda like a cross between that of a dollar store and amusement park.  I made my rounds as quickly as possible (which, when there are hundreds of booths, isn't super fast), and narrowed my search down to about 4 vendors.  I ended up with a few purchases, including some fresh water pearls and rutilated quartz.  Once I had everything, I didn't bother sticking around for the nachos or Cindy's wire wrapping demo... I just hit the skybridge to the parking garage and headed home.
That evening, Emily, Karmen and I went to an opening at Urbanest to check Antonio Pasin's new pottery.  Then we went out for gelato afterwards... oh, wait - THEY had gelato and I didn't because my painting's not done yet.  Hmmm.... three whole days off...


I'm taking a short break from painting, drawing and jewelry to complete a set design for Pippin.  My inspiration for this set is a combination of some paintings by Dali, Escher and Hodler.  This drawing is the backdrop for the show.