open studio...

I have two studios side by side, one that is my work space and the other that serves as a small gallery space.  Both spaces are great for a party!  So, this past Sunday, I hosted my second open studio.  A few friends, Laura Granlund of Intimidnation, Mamata Reddy of Pomegranate Cafe, and Chris Ocken of Ocken Photography shared the space with me.  We displayed our work and asked a bunch of people to come over.  About 50 - 60 people showed up.   There was artwork and a raffle in the gallery side, while jewelry, food, and wine was on the work side.  It was a good way to kick off my stay-cation.  Thanks to everyone who came!
Light was low, so these photos are a bit blurry!

5 days left...

I'm 25 days in to my 30 day sketch challenge and it hasn't exactly been the creative outburst I was envisioning.  I think I was picturing a mix of detailed, patient drawings alongside explosive brief sketches (from which I would be inspired to do larger work), notes scrawled along page edges, saturated splashes of ink bringing more life to each image, and perhaps a prevailing theme emerging from the book as more and more pages were filled.  Nope.  How about: go to work, come home and head straight to the studio, work on jewelry and collage until I can only keep one eye open - at which point I realize I have not done my drawing for the day, pick up the book and take somewhere between 10 seconds to 3 minutes to get something on the page.  These are the lovely results.

I suppose there is some value in having to complete each drawing in such a short period of time.  It definitely takes the pondering out.  No time to ponder what to draw and no time to ponder what line to form next... which is a good thing to force yourself to do sometimes.  Well, I have a few more days to finish the book,  we'll see what emerges!

I do have to say, I did miss one day, Monday, the first day in a month I had nothing else to do - and I just plain forgot.  go figure.


8 days in...

I'm eight days into my thirty day sketch project.  I've been cramming many of my sketches in right before I go to bed, which I've discovered is not a good idea (as you will probably notice!)  Even though I am not proud of those, I'm still posting everything here.  This morning I changed my ways and did this sketch of a shop window right after I got out of yoga.  The rest are listed newest to oldest.


day one...

Growing up,  I had the same art teacher from 4th grade all the way through high school graduation.  Every single year, our first assignment was to draw our hand.  Since then, I always start each one of my sketchbooks with a hand drawing.  Today I was feeling out of practice.


30 days...

Towards the end of June, I decided to give myself a thirty day challenge to get certain areas of my life in order.  My goal: get through a laundry list of to-dos that had been out there so long I had just started ignoring them, and to rejuvenate my daily routine.  Specifics on the daily rejuvenation list: exercise, pack lunch for work, no coffee.  Laundry list: take car in to the shop, go to the dentist, explore the option of getting additional studio space, get renters insurance, etc.  The results: the laundry list is done!  As a result of checking these things off my list, starting this month, I will have additional studio space, which is perfect timing, because I'm having an open studio on the 23rd.  Also this month, I will be sending my car "out to pasture" (after having gotten the verdict from the mechanic) and signing up for I-Go, which I feel really good about.  My only shortcoming in the whole thirty days happened just four days from the end, when I decided I would exercise upon waking up from a nap - and ended up waking up a 6:30 the next morning!!  Argh.    
Despite missing that day, I feel like I've found the rhythm I'd been looking for, and accomplished some things that will have a big impact on the rest of my year.  So, as a follow up, I have a new 30 day challenge.  In the spirit of preparing for my open studio later this month, I will be doing a drawing a day for the next thirty days, starting tomorrow.  I have a fresh new sketch book and pencil that I'm really excited to start using!  Check back for the results.