30 days...

Towards the end of June, I decided to give myself a thirty day challenge to get certain areas of my life in order.  My goal: get through a laundry list of to-dos that had been out there so long I had just started ignoring them, and to rejuvenate my daily routine.  Specifics on the daily rejuvenation list: exercise, pack lunch for work, no coffee.  Laundry list: take car in to the shop, go to the dentist, explore the option of getting additional studio space, get renters insurance, etc.  The results: the laundry list is done!  As a result of checking these things off my list, starting this month, I will have additional studio space, which is perfect timing, because I'm having an open studio on the 23rd.  Also this month, I will be sending my car "out to pasture" (after having gotten the verdict from the mechanic) and signing up for I-Go, which I feel really good about.  My only shortcoming in the whole thirty days happened just four days from the end, when I decided I would exercise upon waking up from a nap - and ended up waking up a 6:30 the next morning!!  Argh.    
Despite missing that day, I feel like I've found the rhythm I'd been looking for, and accomplished some things that will have a big impact on the rest of my year.  So, as a follow up, I have a new 30 day challenge.  In the spirit of preparing for my open studio later this month, I will be doing a drawing a day for the next thirty days, starting tomorrow.  I have a fresh new sketch book and pencil that I'm really excited to start using!  Check back for the results.

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