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I have two studios side by side, one that is my work space and the other that serves as a small gallery space.  Both spaces are great for a party!  So, this past Sunday, I hosted my second open studio.  A few friends, Laura Granlund of Intimidnation, Mamata Reddy of Pomegranate Cafe, and Chris Ocken of Ocken Photography shared the space with me.  We displayed our work and asked a bunch of people to come over.  About 50 - 60 people showed up.   There was artwork and a raffle in the gallery side, while jewelry, food, and wine was on the work side.  It was a good way to kick off my stay-cation.  Thanks to everyone who came!
Light was low, so these photos are a bit blurry!

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Valerie said...

What a great space! I wish I had that kind of space to work in. Looks like it was a fun event.