bracelets created on 4.29.08 during movie marathon

bracelets created on 4.29.08 during movie marathon

After a seven day stretch at work (with a cold) it was really nice to have yesterday off.  I stayed in my pjs all day and had a movie marathon (with a few This American Life podcasts thrown in for good measure).  My marathon included An Affair to Remember, Moonstruck (definitely in my top five all time favorites), Shakespeare in Love, Charade, and Bandits.
Throughout all my movie watching and podcast listening I worked on making bracelets for my shop.  I took raw wood bangles and painted them with several washes of ink and then coated them with a varnish.  I also have some that I wrapped in paper and varnished.  I will be posting them on etsy today.


This week I've posted a couple new necklaces on Etsy.  You can view them at my shop.


Ah, yes.  The flamenco painting.  Dear readers... I'd rather not say how long this project has been waiting for completion.  What you see here to your right is perhaps the third or fourth unfinished version.  In order complete this painting before I die, I have taken drastic measures: no more sweets until it's done.  That's right.  That means no ice cream, no muffins from Milk and Honey before work, no chocolate... you get the idea.  I started the sweet fast on Monday, April 14th and haven't broken it yet!  Hopefully you'll see a finished painting posted here REALLY SOON.
Now that the art show is over, it's time for some spring cleaning.   This week I will be posting new jewelry on etsy.  Check it out at  www.uncharted.etsy.com.  

Also, I'm working on redesigning my business cards.  These are some of the images I'm drawing inspiration from.  I really like these paintings by Jorge Castillo.  I love the dirtiness of the color, the ragged patterns, and how faces and objects surface like a faint trace of your memory.  I also found a cool old record sleeve at the Brown Elephant that has nice gritty look to it that I will use.


Today was the second to last open house for the art show.  So far we've had over 150 guests - thanks everyone!  Tomorrow, Sunday April 13th is your last chance to swing by.  We'll be there from 3pm - 8 pm and would love to see you come out.  I'm currently working on compiling photos of the work and opening night for the blog, so check back for more.


My apologizes to all those who have been long waiting for a new post from me.  Readers, I am truly beholden to you for your patience.  I know that uncharted is visited daily by a massive global audience, and I am sorry to disappoint.   Fear not!  The dry spell is over, so everyone can get back to not reading these posts.

The art show went up last Friday and our opening night had a great turnout.  Thanks to all of you who came out... and if you missed it, there are still a couple more days left!  Check out times at www.artshowchicago.com