the good news and the bad news

I just posted a few new necklaces in my shop.  The one shown above is also appearing in a group ad in the Dec/Jan issue of BUST magazine.  
The last few days have been a major wake up call on exactly how attached I am to my computer.  For those of you with a MacBook, I hope you never see a little file folder with a question mark flashing on your screen like I did.  Bye-bye hard drive.  I lost everything on my computer.  Had I backed up any of my files, you ask?  Nope.  Lesson learned.
Along with backing up my files, I also learned that I need to back away from the computer a little more often too... and go down to my studio and create more work.  It was somewhat refreshing actually.  As a result of being unable to use my laptop, I got more painting done, and was able to post more necklaces to my shop.  
And sometimes, starting from scratch is a good thing...


Kelly said...

You're going to be in Bust?! That's amazing!!! Wow...you're pretty much the big time.

Sorry about your computer. :( But I'm glad positive things came as a result!

Ida said...

You have such amazing photographs!

Michelle said...

OH NO! I am so sorry for you, that happend to me in grad school, lost 5 months of work, ouch, I now back up all he time, but next time this happens, you will be prepared! Your work is beautiful :)