despite the practical self...

I have a tendency from time to time to buy objects that most likely won't serve much purpose in my life outside of being beautiful. This weekend I found a few little treasures that fit that category. As I was standing in the shop holding them, a tug of war between my practical self and my treasure hunter self went on in my head:

practical self: "this is just stuff. stuff that will accumulate and take up space. you don't need it. why are you considering this?"
treasure hunter self: "treasure!"
practical self: "how and when are you going to use these?"
treasure hunter self: "pretty!"
... and on.

This time, my treasure hunter self won out, with it's thorough, compelling, irrefutable arguments. So, for $16, I got this bell, letter opener and pin. I also found eggshell peacock feathers at another spot and splurged $6 on a pair. To me their lovely and I think that sometimes (as absurd and legitimate as the tug of war is) that's all the reason you need.

This last one was free! I found it on my walk on Sunday morning.

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