Painting Update!

As of this Saturday, I will have gone two months without sweets!  Yup, I continue to deprive myself until I finish the painting I am currently working on.  This is no small feat for me, so I'm proud I have lasted this long without cheating.  However, it will make me happier to have the painting done.
A couple of weeks ago, I made this drawing of the dancer, and I am sticking with her!!! 
No more changes.  Last week, after painting over my last version of this painting (which I never featured here because it really wasn't worth it), I put an outline of this figure up on my canvas.  Last night I did some more brainstorming to work out my color palate, and added a layer of color to the canvas.  I still need to adjust her hand and then I can move on to my next layer.  I would like to finish everything this week.  Hopefully, you'll be seeing a finished painting soon.

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Steven James said...

i like it. way to stick to your proverbial guns! i'll ready your treats package. it should be there by christmas.