On the Road

This post comes to you from San Jose, where I have been working for the past week.  The painting is patiently waiting for me at home.  I'll be getting back to Chicago early Friday morning - only to jump back on a plane again first thing Sunday.  Hopefully I'll have a chance to hang out with this lady between doing laundry and resuscitating my plants.  
Where does the down-time go when traveling for work?  I am in a down-time-free zone.  Although, this morning I DID manage to squeak in a swim in the hotel pool and a little bit of reading.  I finished reading The Vanishing Moon the other week. Now I'm on to Franny and Zooey.  Ultimately, The Vanishing Moon was about disappointment and unfulfilled desire.  Maybe I should've seen it coming.  In the end, it left me feeling... disappointed.

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