I am on vacation!!  Or, what some may call "stay-cation".  This is what someone told me the other day when they found out I was going absolutely nowhere during my time off.  I have a lot of projects on my plate to keep me busy while I am home.  I started out on Monday by building a model for the set design I'm working on for The History of American Film.  Right now it's in it's more skeletal stages so I can plan the structure of the set, from there I'll start working on surface details.  I've also been working on painting and some new jewelry for my shop.
It hasn't been all work though - Sunday I went to the Hideout block party, which was a good way to kick things off.  The weather was beautiful, I ran into a few friends, had a really good black bean burger with mango salsa, and saw the New Pornographers and Ratatat perform.      
Here are some of the posters that were printed for the party.  Unfortunately, they were sold out by the time I arrived.  The bird poster is a print by Alana Bailey, the telephone pole poster is by Judgeworks.                                                                                   


Karmen said...

i'm visiting your site EVERY DAY now!

Karmen said...

I am visiting your site EVERY DAY now!