Spicy Honey

Sadly, today is the last day of my vacation.  To punctuate the coming of an end, it is raining and gloomy outside after a week of perfect weather.  It was good while it lasted...  I got to enjoy the sun, see friends and family, work on some projects, and wander around town.  
The Hideout Block Party posters I mentioned in my last post led me to do a little online exploration, in which I ended up discovering the first Chicago International Poster Biennial was opening in Grant Park.  I went on Friday morning to take a look.  There are 127 posters up on display, representing artists from 22 different countries.  If you live in Chicago, I recommend taking a look.
Saturday morning, I got up early while it was still misty and cool and took a walk to the farmers market.  Since I got there early, there was still plenty of the freshly made donuts and coffee!  Everything was so beautiful, I filled my bag to the top with vegetables and flowers.  Probably, I was a little over zealous with my purchases... I have a lot of tomatoes to eat now.

So, what to do with these last few vacation hours?  I'm thinking with all this rain, it's time to put in a movie and curl up on the couch... and eat some tomatoes.


please sir said...

Rain, movie, and curling up sounds good to me!

Karmen said...

i've been slacking on my once a day viewing. i need new posts to read! and a pic of your new hairdo as a special request too.