Flying: feathers, planes, biscuits...

Last week I posted a few new necklaces to my shop, including the one shown above.  I recently acquired large spools of recycled leather and have had some fun playing with it.  I used it to make the little metallic tabs for this necklace, and plan on using it to make some bracelets as well.  I love the colors of this feather, and somehow found myself thinking of The Island of the Blue Dolphins when I made this necklace.  Anyone have this on their school reading list?  It's funny the things that stick in your mind... I read that book nearly 20 years ago, but I still remember how Karana makes a skirt out of cormorant feathers at the very end before she leaves the island.
I flew to Atlanta this past weekend for work.  The weather was beautiful and I was working in the Virginia Highland district, which is a really cool spot.  If you are ever in Atlanta, I recommend you visit this area.  While there, I wandered into a shop called Bella Cucina where they had old french magazine pages strung from the ceiling like banners.  I bought one that has a beautiful painting of geishas stringing calandars (?) to a tree.  I'll have to find out for sure.  Another thing I would recommend if you are going to be in Atlanta, is to go to The Flying Biscuit Cafe and order the fried green tomato BLT sandwich.  


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please sir said...

Lovely necklace - the detail is amazing.