getting dumped by the cta...

Today I had a moment when I felt like I was in Russia.  I've never actually been to Russia, but I have watched Dr. Zhivago numerous times.  At it's best, Chicago was zero degrees today; 30 below with the wind chill.  How is it, that it is always a day like this that the green line train kicks you off at Pulaski because it has suddenly switched to an express train?  About 30 of us got off after the conductor announced that there would be no stops until Ridgeland and that there was another train right behind us.  The thing he didn't mention was that the train right behind us had also switched to an express train.  It whipped passed, seemingly faster than I've ever seen a CTA train move, horn blaring, kicking up snow and an icy gush of wind... leaving us on the platform like a bunch of suckers.  There was a collective groan as we all realized our fate.  
What I noticed during the wait for the next train, was that there really isn't anything tall around the Pulaski stop.  Which means that there are miles and miles of space for the wind to get revved up and then slice right through you.  This is when I felt like I was in Russia.  Or at least in my Dr. Zhivago version of Russia.  Thankfully, this didn't last too long.  And honestly, it made the arrival home to my toasty apartment that much sweeter.  I put the kettle on, got under a blanket and nestled in to read the next chapter in Eat Pray Love.

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hamlet said...

the question is, can you also see Russia from your appartment?

;) Feliz Navidad