warming up with morning coffee

When I woke up this morning, it was zero degrees fahrenheit outside.  Coffee, turtleneck, boots... and I'm about to head to work.  Plans for this weekend: work, Renegade, mulled cider, Christmas decorating, craft night, and staying warm.  Have a good weekend!


Kelly said...

Just reading the title of this entry made me want coffee. AND I DON'T EVEN LIKE COFFEE! I love your blog because it's calm and soothing and gives me pretty things to look at. <3

hamlet said...

Double spresso, reading Walter Benjamin's "The Work of Art in the Age of Its Technological Reproducibility, and Other Writings on Media", and smoking my pipe (Queen Mary tobacco) before I paint is my recipe for a day of art creation-.

You are a busy bee, but a happy one I see.

Enjoy every aspect of your own doings, and remember to pay close attention to details and think of the colors that would represent the things you do.

Hope you're done with your painting.

uncharted said...

The painting is so close to being complete... I will be posting photos of it soon!