weekend projects...

This weekend I've been working on sketches for Harvey, giving my vintage boxes a new life and enjoying 30 degree weather (like spring!).  Despite the fact that it's warmed up, I've still been working on a lot of projects on my living room floor since my studio has no heat.  This tends to result in an art project explosion.  Funny how it happens in a matter of seconds, but takes so long to clean up... which is what I am about to do next since I have dinner guests tonight!  On the menu: moroccan-spiced chicken, minted carrots, apricot pistachio couscous... and ice cream of course.

the mess... and the results.

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hamlet said...

Lucky guests :)

Outspoken communication being told between the lines. Great box! Is it for sale, memories to be fulfilled, gift, secret keepings, new findings, finder's keepers?

I'd like to see more of these sketches. Those are often times the heart of things created. The skeleton of all projects.

A smile and gaze are often times the sketches of relationships. Keep smiling.