Oh, that's right, I have a blog...

After arriving at a metaphorical "dishes are done" moment, I realized it's time to reunite with my blog.  I have checked a lot of projects and events off my list over the last month or two, but haven't been tracking them faithfully here.  So, on this sloppy, snowy evening, I am pledging a spring resolution to post more frequently.  
One thing that happened during my blogging dry spell was that my nephew was born!  TAH-DAH!  Here he is after his very first bath.

This is the little guy I was painting the nursery for back in January and February.  I also made some safari animal collages for his wall.  I posted a few photos back in January before it was all finished... so here are a few more. 

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Kelly said...

LOVE the animals, especially the lion!!!! And the little man is adorable, needless to say. :)